Prepping your van for Christmas Checklist Watsons Port Macquarie

check-box-02Have your pride and joy serviced before hitting the road over the Christmas period. An RV is like a car and requires regular servicing to ensure it’s in tip top condition.

check-box-02The same goes for your vehicle, make sure it’s been recently serviced and that your tyres are in good condition.

check-box-02Ensure all the items usually associated with your RV are pre packed so you don’t leave without them. i.e. those towels you washed but never put back in.

check-box-02Make sure your water tanks are full even if you plan on staying in a caravan park. This way when you pull over for that very important rest you can fill drink bottles and even enjoy that needed cup of coffee.

check-box-02Make sure the gas bottles fitted to your RV are full prior to your departure. Last thing you want is to be halfway through cooking dinner for the troops only to find you’ve run out of gas.

check-box-02Limit the amount of items you allow the kids to pack. Give them 3 or 4 of their favourite items they can take as this will save on weight.

check-box-02Talking about weight, go through your cupboards/boot and eliminate those items that you’ve packed previously that you’ve never used.

check-box-02Know what meals you’re likely to prepare so that you can do a bulk shop before heading off. Let’s face it; we all want to enjoy our holidays and the less mundane chores we have to do the better.

check-box-02Where possible be organised and have the beds already made and all items packed securely in cupboards days before departure.

check-box-02Finally, don’t rush to get to your destination. Remember it’s about Journey and arriving safely as well!

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